Freelance Writer, Journalist & Creative Consultant

I’m a writer who covers a variety of topics, ranging from fun and fashionable pieces to serious analyses of social issues. In addition to magazine journalism, I work in marketing and public relations for indie film companies and other startups, in which I write press releases, blog posts, manage social media and/or design and maintain the website. I work as a freelance writer, journalist, and communications consultant in the Greater Cleveland area.

I am also writing my first novel and working on a collection of long and short stories in various genres.


When I’m not writing, I act. Storytelling comes in many forms, and being on stage or in front of the camera provides an opportunity to take on new characters and experience unique stories. MORE INFO COMING SOON!

If you need page design or web design services, check out my creative company, punchberry creative (www.punchberrycreative.com -COMING SOON!).

email me roxannacoldiron [at] gmail [dot] com